Gold Vermeil Birthstone Jewelry

The perfect gift for you or your loved ones! Luxurious design comes together with affordable prices in Eternate’s collection of gold vermeil birthstone jewelry, where colorful birthstones add a personal touch to quality and durability.

Select your birthstone or create a custom gift for a loved one. Choose between Eternate’s stunning array of gold vermeil birthstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

Gold Vermeil Birthstone Jewelry FAQs

What is gold vermeil?

Also referred to as silver-gilt, gold vermeil is silver that has been gilded with an extra thick layer of real gold. Therefore gold vermeil jewelry combines high quality and durability with affordability. As items of affordable luxury, gold vermeil jewelry pieces can be worn every day on repeat.

Can I wear gold vermeil jewelry every day?

Yes, you can wear your gold vermeil jewelry every day. Gold vermeil is made with a thick layer of gold, which means that it is very endurable. Of course, excessive exposure to chemicals, perfumes, etc., may tarnish the gold over time. Therefore it is advised to take your gold vermeil piece off when showering, sleeping, or cleaning to elongate its lifespan. And even when tarnished after years of use, gold vermeil can be easily polished and restored to its initial state.

Is gold vermeil better than other gold plating?

Gold vermeil is the highest quality of gold plating there is, much better than regular gold plating. The main difference is the thickness of the gold plating. Because of the added thickness of its gold, gold vermeil is much more durable than gold plating and can last years of use.

Can you sweat in gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil jewelry is very durable, however, the thick layer of gold surrounding it may be tarnished over time by water, chemicals, creams, body oils, etc. Therefore, we advise that you take your piece of gold vermeil jewelry off before you exercise.