Gold Vermeil Birthstone Bracelets: Stylish Look on a Budget

Style meets affordability in Eternate’s whimsical collection of gold vermeil birthstone bracelets. The best kind of gold plating there is, gold vermeil embodies durability and quality, resulting in pieces of jewelry that you can wear on repeat, every day. Gold vermeil birthstone bracelets by Eternate elevate your style by adding a meaningful touch. For a classical look, wear your gold vermeil birthstone bracelet alone, or stack it with other birthstone bracelets for a more whimsical and fun style. Start by choosing a design that expresses you best and customize it with your birthstone or birthstones of your loved ones to create your unique gold vermeil birthstone bracelet.

Personalized gold vermeil birthstone bracelets also make the sweetest gifts. A birthstone bracelet for mom or grandma usually makes the perfect gift to make them feel your love and care.

Gold Vermeil Birthstone Bracelets FAQs

How do I care for my gold vermeil birthstone bracelet?

Gold vermeil is the highest quality gold plating there is, combining high quality with durability and affordability. It is basically silver that has been gilded with an extra thick layer of gold. This means that with proper care your gold vermeil birthstone bracelet can last years of everyday use. To elongate its life span, we recommend that you avoid contact with chemicals and take your pieces of gold vermeil birthstone jewelry off when engaging in contact sports, sleeping and showering. However, should your gold vermeil bracelet get tarnished, do not worry. Gold vermeil can easily be polished and restored to its original state.

Can gold vermeil birthstone bracelets be customized?

Yes, gold vermeil birthstone bracelets can be customized. Once you decide on a design, we ask you to choose the color of gold (gold, rose or silver), the number, kinds and order of birthstones, and the length of your gold vermeil bracelet. Did you have something else on your mind? Please write to us at