Yellow, White, Rose, 14k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold birthstone signet ring
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Looking for a personalized gift at a more modest budget? Eternate’s gold vermeil birthstone rings combine distinctive style with time enduring grace of vermeil. Boasting strikingly vibrant colored birthstones and luxury design, these vermeil rings available in gold, silver and rose, make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

At Eternate we promise to stand by our customers for a lifetime. That means alongside offering great service and communication, we also strive for ethical and affordable quality for all. Luxurious design meets affordable prices in Eternate’s collection of gold vermeil birthstone jewelry. So you don’t have to choose between style and quality.

Gold Vermeil Birthstone Rings FAQs

Aside from solid gold, gold vermeil is the longest lasting option for jewelry. It can last for years. Though, if you wear your gold vermeil jewelry continuously it can start to tarnish due to contact with chemicals, water, body oils, perfumes, etc. No worries though, gold vermeil is easy to polish and can be restored to its original state.

Make-up, perfumes, creams and body oils can all potentially tarnish your jewelry. So it is best not to sleep with your gold vermeil jewelry on.

It is best to keep your gold vermeil jewelry dry and out of water as much as possible. Gold vermeil has a base of sterling silver which is covered with gold. Water can potentially tarnish this outer layer of gold over time.