Engagement Rings For Your Forever Love

On the day of popping the big question, when hearts beat loudest, an engagement ring becomes a kind statement. It indicates the intention to overcome the challenges of life together while embracing the uncertainties and joys that lie ahead. As Eternate, we wish our rings to witness this big moment and accompany you on your journey together.

Our engagement rings collection includes a tasteful array of options. It is elaborately crafted to offer pieces that will remind you of that significant moment when you made a promise for a future together. From the enduring appeal of classic engagement rings to the subtle details of a hidden halo engagement ring, each piece is designed to be a meaningful and lasting token that is worthy of your significant other. Each ring is crafted carefully to extend your joy and welcome all the tomorrows and every chapter to come.

Engagement Ring Collection FAQs

What is the tradition behind engagement rings?

The tradition of engagement rings goes back centuries. Historically, they have become a cultural symbol of love, unity and the intention to spend a lifetime together. They symbolize a promise of marriage and formal agreement between families.

What is the golden rule for engagement rings?

For us, the golden rule for engagement rings is to choose a ring that aligns with your partner's preferences most and fits comfortably within your budget. The emphasis should be on thoughtful consideration of their taste and style while keeping in mind that these rings will be cherished tokens for years to come.

Can I give an engagement ring as a gift?

A ravishing engagement ring can make a thoughtful gift and a meaningful way to show someone special how much you care about them. Even if you’re not planning to propose soon or considering it as an anniversary gift, an engagement ring can well be gifted as a symbol of your love and affection.