Open Circle Citrine Ring in 14K Solid Gold


The unbroken form of the open circle design signifies the interconnectedness of all moments and experiences, making it a meaningful choice for a birthstone ring design. At the heart of this citrine ring is a radiant citrine gemstone. Citrine is known for its warm, golden-yellow color and is often associated with attributes such as happiness, abundance, and positive energy.

Gemstone: AAA-Grade Lab-Grown Gemstones
Setting Type: Prong
Shape: Round
Cut: Excellent
Stone Sizes: 2.40 mm
Band width: 1.25 mm
Band thickness: 1.25 mm
Ready to Ship: 4-5 Business Days
Model Name: ECWB000065

Available Band Materials: 14k Gold, 18k Gold
Available Band Colors: Yellow, White, Rose
Available Ring Sizes: US 2-11 (Contact us to order custom sizes)

Available Birthstones:

✪ Jan - Garnet: Lively red. The beautiful birthstone symbolizes friendship and love as well as manifesting the true forms of both. Activates the sacral chakra and stimulates creativity and passion for the wearer. Physically, the stone cleans out toxins and procures strong metabolism.

✪ Feb - Amethyst: Noble purple. This lively birthstone symbolizes the purity of the spirits and is linked to the third eye chakra. Enhances intuition and cleans the aura from negative energies, giving tranquility to the wearer and the room it's in. Physically, Amethyst is good for anxiety, headaches, and fatigue.

✪ Mar - Aquamarine: Stunning sea-blue. Aquamarine connects individuals with their higher selves and helps clear perspective, quiet the mind and make the right decisions. Aquamarine also symbolizes hope and communication since it has a special connection to the throat chakra. Physically the stone helps ease lung and respiratory problems.

✪ Apr - Diamond: Brilliantly clear. This brilliant gemstone helps activate the crown chakra and uses its endurance to destroy undesired patterns of thoughts and acts. It brings strength, courage, and clarity to its wearer. Physically diamond is related to the brain and heart, keeping them young and healthy.

✪ May - Emerald: Fascinating green. Spiritually, Emerald is known as the protector of lovers and evokes the heart chakra, so receiving and giving love would be easier for its wearer. Physically, this beautiful gemstone is helpful for the disorders of the heart and lungs. Symbolically, Emerald represents the cycle of spring, just as people with May birthdays do.

✪ Jun - Alexandrite: Unique blueish-red. Alexandrite is believed to be the symbol of prosperity and fortune. It is linked to the crown and the third eye chakra. It is the stone of change, divine guidance, and healing love from the universe. It is favorable for nervous system disorders and blood circulation.

✪ Jul - Ruby: Passionate red. This gemstone symbolizes wealth, desires, and instinctual emotions. It stimulates the heart chakra and disperses enthusiasm for life to its wearer. Physically it is good for adrenals, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

✪ Aug - Peridot: Alluring green. This gemstone symbolizes harmony, compassion, and creativity. Spiritually, the stone helps form balance between the mind and the soul and the individual wearing it from evil spirits, especially after the sun goes down. Peridot heals the stomach, kidneys, and bowels. This lovely stone also activates the heart chakra and opens the heart to the love and energy of life.

✪ Sep - Sapphire: Enchanting dark blue. It is the stone of wisdom and joy. Spiritually the Sapphire protects its wearer from evil intent and envy while attracting sincerity. Physically, it is good for the eyes and ears as well as for blood and hormonal disorders. Sapphires activate the throat and third eye chakra, especially when worn on the neck and ears, leading their wearer to healthier communications.

✪ Oct - Tourmaline: Luring pink. It is the stone of courage and confidence. Spiritually Tourmaline heals broken hearts, vivifies creativity, and balances feminine and masculine energies when worn. Physically, by easing the body and relaxing the muscles and the spine, the stone helps heal spinal problems. Tourmaline activates all the chakras from the root to the third eye, sustaining the energy flow across the body and enhancing productivity.

✪ Nov - Yellow Topaz: Scintillating yellow. The stone of serenity, empathy, and harmony. It contains the lively energy of the sun and brings faith to its wearer's life. Physically, it is perfect for protecting memory and liver. Yellow topaz is also associated with the solar plexus chakra and clears it from fears.

Citrine: Brownish Orange. It is the stone of happiness and prosperity. Citrine strongly connects to the solar plexus chakra and enhances the power of will, self-esteem and personal pride. Citrine also helps to overcome challenges and build mental strength. It is assistance in overcoming obstacles, building confidence and getting a fresh perspective on life.

✪ Dec - Blue Topaz: Mystical blue. The stone of good fortune and great opportunities. Spiritually this gemstone leads its wearer into pathways of success and abundance as well as protecting travelers and people away from home. Physically this beautiful gemstone is healing neck and throat problems. The stone activates the throat chakra, and when worn around the neck, it strengthens the voice and enhances self-assurance.

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