Sustainable & Stunning: Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

From classic solitaires to modern designs, Eternate’s cushion engagement ring collection features shimmering lab diamonds in unique settings designed to perfectly match your style. In this special selection, the star of the show is undeniably the renowned cushion cut. Each ring makes this fascinating cut stand out on its own. In contrast to the round cut diamond, cushion cuts boast a pillowy shape with sumptuous curves and elaborate faceting. This creates a soft, absorbing sparkle that glows with light.

We believe you should feel confident in your jewelry choices and wear each piece with a light heart. From recycled metals to conflict-free stones used in our designs, our commitment to provide ethically and environmentally responsible fine jewelry for everyone is evident in every detail. Each cushion-cut lab diamond engagement ring in our collection is designed with dedication and is sure to make a lasting impression.

Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What is a cushion engagement ring?

A cushion engagement ring features a diamond with a square or rectangular shape and soft, rounded corners, which resembles a pillow. It has been a classic and popular choice for a long time due to what this distinctive cut brings about. It potentially offers a larger stone size for the budget as the least amount of diamond is 'lost' during cutting. Moreover, no two cushion cuts are identical, and they are available in square, rectangular and even elongated shapes to suit different preferences.

What band looks best on a cushion cut?

You might want to go for simple bands to highlight the cushion's sparkle without competing or pave bands to add extra glam if you love diamonds. Alternatively, you can consider elaborated bands such as knife edge or twisted. The truth of the matter is that the 'best' band is the one that speaks to your style!

Do lab diamonds lose their sparkle?

No, lab-grown diamonds do not lose their sparkle over time. They have the same hardness and brilliance as mined diamonds. This means they are equally resistant to scratching, wear and loss of brilliance.