Two Hearts, One Sparkle: Eternate's Lab Diamond Bridal Sets

Lab-grown bridal sets shine without the environmental footprint, the ethical concerns and the hefty price tag. Likewise, Eternate’s lab created diamond bridal sets provides you with the joy of celebrating your commitment with a conscious glow.

At the heart of Eternate beats a commitment to conscious and sustainable jewelry. This is where our exquisite lab-grown diamond bridal sets take center stage. Each ring is a proof of our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices which give rise to great designs. From the laboratories where our diamonds are crafted to the recycled metals that wrap your finger, every detail speaks about conscious choices. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire, vintage bridal sets or glowing halo designs, there is a perfect lab-grown diamond bridal set here, waiting to be discovered by you.

Lab Diamond Bridal Sets FAQs

What is a lab diamond bridal set?

A lab diamond bridal set is a pair of rings, typically an engagement ring and a wedding band. These bands are adorned with diamonds that are created in a lab environment by replicating nature's diamond-making process.

Why should we buy a lab-grown diamond?

As they are created with minimal environmental impact, lab-grown diamonds offer an eco-friendlier alternative to natural diamonds. Thus, they are more sustainable and ethical options. Additionally, they often cost less than mined stones while offering the same quality and brilliance. All these reasons make lab diamonds conscious and budget-friendly choices.

Can lab-grown diamonds be detected?

They can sometimes be detected through specialized testing methods. However, it has recently become more challenging to differentiate between the two without sophisticated testing equipment.

How do you keep a lab-grown diamond shiny?

Regular cleaning is essential if you wish to keep your lab-grown diamond as shiny as before. With basic steps at home using a mixture of mild soap, warm water and a soft brush, you can clean them yourself. For more detailed information on how to care for your lab diamond bridal sets, you can consult our jewelry care guide.