Radiant Brilliance: Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Eternate’s Radiant cut lab diamond engagement ring collection is crafted with care to accompany you on your "yes!" moment with the held breaths and the happy tears, and every moment after, for a lifetime. We want our rings to be part of that magic of this big day and share in your joy beyond it.

Each ring in this collection is made of high-quality, ethically sourced lab diamonds which provide sustainable and affordable alternatives to natural diamonds. Lab diamonds sparkle with exceptional beauty in distinctive radiant cuts. Unlike traditional round cuts, this cut offers a confident and elongated aesthetic reminiscent of a hall of mirrors that reflects light in its own unique, elegant way. Our expert team behind these exquisite pieces crafts each ring with care, to last a lifetime, just like your love.

Radiant Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What is a radiant cut engagement ring?

A radiant cut engagement ring is a ring that features a radiant cut gemstone, a shape that combines the best of two worlds: the elegant lines of the emerald cut and the sparkle of a round cut. A radiant cut ring is therefore a stunning choice for anyone looking for a unique and eye-catching engagement ring

What does the radiant cut diamond symbolize?

It symbolizes eternal optimism and joy. The way the cut catches light and shows mini rainbows feels like pure sunshine captured in a gemstone. It's almost like carrying a tiny spark of happiness wherever you go! Due to its bold geometric lines, it can also represent your confidence and strong character. But the most important meaning is the one that you will assign to it. The meaning lies in what you see and how you feel when you look at this stunning lab diamond.

Do radiant diamonds look big?

While a radiant cut diamond might have a slightly smaller surface area than a round diamond of the same weight, its shape plays a fascinating trick on the eye. The diagonal measurement stretches across your finger and gives the impression of more finger coverage and, therefore, a bigger size.

Is radiant cut rare?

While not exactly super rare, radiant cut diamonds do hold a certain reputation compared to more classic cuts like round or princess. While they might not be the first diamond shape that comes to mind, they grow in demand and are now one of the most desirable diamond shapes.

Is it wise to buy lab-grown diamonds?

Whether buying lab-grown diamonds is 'wise' depends on your priorities and values. Lab diamonds surely offer a budget friendly option without compromising on brilliance, quality and durability. There are sustainable and conflict-free sourced, so you can also feel good and wear it with ease of mind. Moreover, you can find lab-grown diamonds in all shapes, sizes and colors, just like mined ones, which provides freedom to choose. If you prioritize affordability and sustainability, lab-grown diamonds offer a compelling option.