Ethical & Exquisite Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Eternate’s lab diamond emerald cut engagement rings are ready to become a token of the journey you've taken together and a reminder of your conscious choices. Our collection boasts diverse designs that make the beauty of the emerald cut stand out and sparkle forever. When set in fine jewelry, emerald cut exhibits a different kind of aesthetics than those of classic round and oval cuts. It has more rectilinear facets that create a prismatic reflection and resembles a hall of mirrors or staircase. Their exceptional clarity is also like no other. Choose the lab diamond emerald cut engagement ring that speaks to your story, watch it flatter your finger and wear it for a lifetime with ease of mind.

Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What is an emerald cut in diamond?

Emerald cut is a diamond shape that is born from the legacy of its namesake: emeralds. Once emerald’s stunning shape was spotted, it was quickly incorporated into all other types of gemstones. Its elongated silhouette creates an illusion of length, while its linear facets create a visual illusion and a play of light that draws you in.

Can I propose with an emerald shaped engagement ring?

Absolutely! Emerald-shaped engagement rings are stunning and unique choices for proposals. They offer everything you need when it comes to engagement rings: classic sophistication with detailing, distinctiveness and exceptional clarity. If you and your partner appreciate the unconventional and are drawn to their distinctive look, go for it!

Do lab diamonds last long?

Yes. They are crafted to last as long as their mined counterparts. They are incredibly hard and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Rest assured; your lab diamond will sparkle for generations to come.

Is a lab diamond a good choice for an engagement ring?

Lab diamonds can be a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. To begin with, they are sourced sustainably and conflict-free, which aligns perfectly with conscious values. They also come at a more-budget-friendly price mainly because there is no mining involved in their creation process. On top of that, they are the products of innovation and show awareness of current trends and responsible practices.