The Brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Halo Rings

Eternate proudly presents a special selection of lab grown diamond engagement rings with halo, which are designed to offer a dazzling and affordable alternative to mined diamonds. The halo setting on these rings catches and reflects light even more, which creates a shimmering effect that increases the shine of the center stones. You can go for a plain band and allow the halo steal the show, or you can let your band truly shine with additional dazzling lab diamond accents.

Lab diamond engagement rings have recently become a beacon of innovation and responsibility. This is because they have a lower environmental impact, as they require less natural resources to be produced and don't involve destructive mining practices. Besides their aesthetic appeal and the artistry behind, each ring in the collection is ethically sourced and kinder to our planet, all without sacrificing brilliance. Choose your lab created diamond engagement halo ring, an ethical and shiny upgrade your happily ever after deserves.

Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Rings FAQs

What is the halo setting?

Halo setting is a popular style especially in engagement ring designs. A halo setting features a circle of smaller diamonds or gemstones that surround the center stone. It can come in various shapes, such as round, heart, cushion or pear, and is often used to create a stunning and shinier look. Moreover, this distinct design enhances the brilliance and perceived size of the center stone, which means it makes the center stone look bigger and more glamorous.

What's the difference between a halo and a hidden halo?

In a traditional halo setting, smaller diamonds or gemstones create a visible frame around the center stone. On the contrary, in a hidden halo setting, they are positioned beneath the center stone and are barely visible from certain angles. With this subtle appearance, it offers a sleek and modern twist on the classic halo design.

Can a halo be added to an engagement ring?

Yes, you can add a halo setting to an engagement ring as a customization option. At Eternate, we can incorporate a halo to any existing piece while maintaining its original design or alternatively you can design your own ring from scratch using our custom-made service. For more customization options, feel free to contact us at

Are there different grades of lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, similar to natural diamonds there are different grades of lab-grown diamonds based on various factors such as color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These grades are usually determined by gemological laboratories and can affect the value and appearance of the diamond.