14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies

14k Gold Bold Dome Huggies

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring

14k Gold Birthstone Snake Ring

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Diamond Leaf Studs14k Gold Diamond Leaf Studs

14k Gold Diamond Leaf Studs

Yellow Gold
14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring

14k Gold Trio Birthstone Ring

Yellow Gold

Blooming Brilliance: Spring Collection

Spring has come, and a renewed sense of energy and liveliness fills the air. It's the perfect time to refresh your look and welcome the bliss of the season. Just like opening your windows to a gentle breeze and letting the warmth of sunshine in, we invite you to open your heart to some color and joy with Eternate’s brand-new spring jewelry collection. The happiness sparked by nature’s awakening and the excitement and optimism of fresh beginnings; these are the feelings we've captured in this spring collection.

From the lively tones of birthstones to nature inspired jewelry, these pieces will make you pop just like the season itself. Each piece is a burst of color, inspired by the beauty of blooming flowers and the chirpy energy surrounding us. Celebrate spring's arrival with these joyful pieces and let your style blossom alongside the season.

Spring Collection FAQs

What are the spring jewelry trends?

Spring's longer days, warmer weather and blooming flowers naturally lift our spirits. Spring inspired jewelry trends carry within all these warm feelings we associate with the season. Pieces inspired by nature such as a diamond flower ring, leaf necklace and butterfly studs perfectly reflect the season's spirit. But bold, statement pieces like pearl jewelry, flashy huggies and chunky earrings are also all on-trend.

What inspired the designs in this spring collection?

Our spring collection is inspired by the beauty of nature in bloom. That’s why we've captured blazing colors, delicate details and overall sense of renewal in our designs. The collection has some of the hottest spring trends, such as floral motifs, colorful, pastel gemstones and bold, geometric shapes. But we've also focused on creating timeless and versatile pieces that you'll wear every day and treasure for seasons to come.

How can I mix and match pieces from the collection?

Spring is all about colors, so don't be afraid to experiment. Look for pieces that share complementary colors or use contrasting colors for a bolder statement. Layer necklaces and bracelets for a unique look. If you have a statement piece from our collection, like a chunky necklace or a bold ring, let it take center stage and keep other pieces more minimal. The key is to have fun, experiment and express your style as best as you can.